Apply for a 100% scholarship and become a working student at Havas. This great opportunity goes with a 2 year commitment after graduation at our Havas office in Düsseldorf.

Facts and figures for the HAVAS Scholarship:

If you want to apply, then do your creative fireworks with the application tasks and add an explanatory film/video/art piece or magic thingy or anything else with your application that convinces the jury, that you are the one and only and that’s why you should be receiving this scholarship.

The deadline for applying is the 15th of August 2017. The judges decision is final. (Living, housing, traveling costs and possible supplies are not included).

The 100% scholarship is valid for the two years portfolio program either starting in Berlin or in Hamburg. You will have a contract with HAVAS and Miami Ad School Europe or Berlin. (Living, housing, traveling costs and possible supplies are not included).

One scholarship is valid for the starting date in October 2017 the other scholarship is valid for the starting date January 2018 either for the Berlin or the Hamburg location. During your second year of study you will do your three times quarter away within the European HAVAS network (Paris, Düsseldorf, London).

After you have graduated you will be employed with the HAVAS destination in Düsseldorf for two years. You will join an amazing team with international clients. If you quit your job before completing the two years working contract or mistreat the giving job offer the scholarship will be invalid and you have to pay the tuition by yourself for the two years MASE portfolio program, a total sum of EURO 20.800. In case of any misbehavior of the scholarship holder we have the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

Your creative fireworks piece can also be used in parts for our social channel posts.

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