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Vibrant. Meaningful. Maybe a bit “Rheinisch”.

Diversity matters.

So does great work.

The Düsseldorf office brings together 150 people from a wide range of disciplines. We speak over 20 languages, with English and German being the main languages spoken daily. We are united by talent and the joy of creating ideas as well as campaigns for the holistic management and development of brands. Our work is relevant, efficient, and award-winning. Above all, it is the result of close collaboration – sometimes with other specialists and always with our clients.

If you can dream it, you can stream it

If you can dream it, you can stream it

With DWS Investment we developed and designed the newly created streaming and content platform DWS+ – from the UX concept and design to the realization of 80 video formats and a live event for the Investment Conference 2021.

New Work Chat Podcast

New Work Chat Podcast

In Gabriel Rath’s podcast "New Work Chat", Havas Group Germany CEO & MD Europe Thomas Funk talks about the developments of the creative industry, about agencies as employers, and why diversity is crucial for a company’s culture. Listen here.


Finish saves water

Just in time for World Water Day, Reckitt brand Finish is once again calling on German people to save water: The sustainability initiative "Finish saves water" sensitizes people with its message "Every drop is precious" to save water by not pre-rinsing dishes and thus protect nature in Germany. And Finish goes even further: in cooperation with the German Forest Protection Association (SDW), the brand is also reforesting drought-stricken forests.


Back to school, back to normal?

In the eye-opening anti-bullying campaign "Back to school. Back to normal?" we shake up the status quo together with the German initiative "Stoppt Mobbing" by prevention coach Carsten Stahl: Our film produced for the campaign not only shows in a vivid way the underestimated treatment with the topic bullying. It is also an appeal to use the time after the Corona crisis to create a new and better "normality" in which bullying has no place anymore.


Own it

Parenting isn’t easy, and when it comes down to motherhood there’s not such a thing as being the “perfect” mother. Specially when they are new to this experience, it is hard for them to relay on unsolicited advice or following unrealistic depictions of perfect motherhood on social media. With the spirit C&A’s brand philosophy “Feel Good Fashion”, we created an honest and emotional campaign that motivates new moms to feel as comfortable and proud of who they are, even if their parenting style isn’t perfect.


Your day, your way

"Your day, your way" immerses itself in today's digitally designed life and makes Huawei Mobile Services and its possibilities for organizing our everyday lives tangible: whether it’s listening to your favorite music while jogging, streaming a new movie in the subway or reading in a café. The HMS prove to be reliable companions that adapt to individual lifestyles and digital routines. And this equally in terms of design: Because, similar to the daily choice of clothes, the complete user interface can be individualized via the HUAWEI themes according to your liking and character.


Zitrön - The Ënd of an Ëra

Anyone who buys a car in Germany has many manufacturers in their relevant set; except for Citroën. No wonder that the brand awareness of the brand was at rock bottom.For Citroën's 100th birthday it was time to change something – so we changed the name: Citroën became Zitrön. Just the way the Germans have always pronounced it anyway. The rebranding was everywhere. And was advertised with an agile and cross-channel campaign.


My Journey - Corey Lohr

On the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Month May, we published a moving film that captures the personal story of former Marine Corps Corey Lohr who suffers from PTSD. The film was shot by our in-house Director Marcelo Alves for the Freeletics campaign “My Journey”. In this special director’s cut, we focus on the mental strength that Freeletics app helps you to improve. Because while working out the body you are also working out your mind.


Let's cool down the earth

In Germany, we have committed ourselves to the meaningful mission of the Dutch NGO Justdiggit. An impactful initiative that uses a simple shovel to help regulate the climate in a sustainable manner. For the German brand launch we created the local website adaptation and developed the comprehensive campaign “Lasst uns die Erde abkühlen” (“Let’s cool down the earth”) with artist Thomas D as official ambassador. Since then Justdiggit has been visible online, out of home and on German TV and showcasing solutions for one of the most critical topics of our time: climate change.

Forever Lasting Moments
Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Forever Lasting Moments

"Forever Lasting Moments" creates an awareness of the long-term effects of disposable plastics. We show iconographic, historical events and their duration – such as the UN Climate Conference 2016 with agreements that lasted only two years (in contrast to the plastic bottles used there).


Love makes the feast

Christmas is always the time to remember what makes the feast special – you might already suspect it: it's love. Correspondingly to the message, we at Havas Community decided on a very emotional approach for the very first nutella Christmas TVC. In the Christmassy TVC, we accompany a little boy as he literally tries to capture beautiful family moments and stores them in empty nutella jars. All this to eventually give the perserved moments – lovingly designed – to his family.

A Christmas spot that not only shows love for detail but also love through detail.


Indifferent is no opinion

Even if global problems seem to be far away, they have a direct impact on our local lives. And it's precisely this circumstance which the image campaign for German TV news channel n-tv picks up unwhitewashed and makes it tangible for everyone to see. Because lack of opinion should not be an option and “indifferent is no opinion”.

Getty Images & fiftyfifty

Repicturing Homeless

For "Repicturing Homeless" we turned homeless street vendors of the local fiftyfifty magazine into stock photo models of popular motifs. In cooperation with the internationally well-known picture agency Getty Images and fiftyfifty, more than 120 stock photos have been created, showing the homeless as managers, scientists, fashion designers or business women – visual results that question the public perception of homeless people.


The Footballpen

During the last FIFA World Cup, German people struggled to combine their two major dedications: football and work. Because with the World Cup taking place in Russian time zones, play times clashed with German working hours. We at Havas Germany found a way to bring work and football together. For our client radio.net, we developed an undercover radio device inside a regular ball pen. Once it’s connected to a mobile via Bluetooth, people can bite on the narrow end of the pen and – thanks to bone conduction technology – enjoy a private broadcast nobody else can hear.

Our clients

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