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Havas Germany brings together the most inspiring people from a wide range of disciplines. We speak over 20 languages, with English and German being the main languages spoken daily. We are united by talent and the joy of creating ideas as well as campaigns for the holistic management and development of brands. Our work is relevant, efficient, and award-winning. Above all, it is the result of close collaboration – sometimes with other specialists and always with our clients.

Winter in Germany

Winter in Germany

In the past ten years, the number of homeless people who have frozen to death in Germany has increased by a staggering 500%. To draw attention to this tragic reality, we launched a gripping campaign together with fiftyfifty. With the striking visuals from a thermal imaging camera, we wanted to highlight the existential problem of the homeless in the cold winter days and thus create more social warmth.

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

Thirst for action

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf has switched all tariffs for its customers to green electricity. How can you gain approval for this greening in times of high energy costs? Our answer: a 360° campaign with detailed CGI motifs that presents the switch as an important contribution to the fight against the climate crisis.


Toss the dry away

Dobendan is the market leader for throat pain relief. Less well known is their product for dry throat: Dobensana Herbal. Our TV commercial literally puts it in front of viewers' eyes – with a toss that seamlessly blends product demo and storytelling.


Awareness Campaign

Research shows that 37% of the climate problem can be solved through nature-based approaches (source: The Nature Conservancy). Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows this. Nor that Justdiggit is re-vegetating degraded land in Africa by digging water bunds and thus cooling the earth. A fact that needs to be communicated to the world – with brand ambassadors for different target groups and many other measures to create the greatest possible awareness of Justdiggit's important work.


Countless reasons to smile

As one of the world's biggest love brands nutella is reminding us that it's actually the small things in life that make us happy. The international brand campaign is highlighting the countless reasons to smile in everyday life.

Deutsche Parkinson Vereinigung e.V.


More than 10 million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson's disease. The most common symptom is a tremor, usually on one side. This uncontrollable tremor makes even the smallest movements a challenge. It also makes it much more difficult to use smart devices. In cooperation with the German Parkinson Association, we have therefore developed the Staybl browser app. Staybl compensates for any tremor in real time with virtual counter-movements. This ensures significantly better readability and usability – and enables people with Parkinson's to access the Internet stably and smoothly. Learn more about Staybl at www.staybl.app.

DWS & LA Lakers

Invest to Score

How do German finance and a US basketball fit together? We would say pretty well. In 2021, German asset manager DWS partnered with the iconic Los Angeles Lakers. During the following year, we spread the word of this partnership: with ongoing content on social media, with events on and off the court, and with true star-appearances. Also, we built a bar.


Kindness Billboards

The traditional Kiri® brand not only stands for creamy, natural cheese enjoyment, but also for kindness. To bring this attitude to the public, we gave away billboards in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that could be customized with the help of an online configurator. The goal: Just be nice. To parents. Grandparents. Friends. Neighbors or acquaintances. The most beautiful posters were displayed in such a way that they were actually seen by the respective people. Kiri® kindness.


Unlock great Stories

For the new entertainment offering in Austria from CANAL+, one of the world's largest media brands, we have created a powerful 360-degree launch campaign under the motto "Unlock great Stories". The centerpiece is the 60-second spot "The Keymaker," which dramatizes the art of storytelling in an emotional, cinematic way via the metaphor of a keymaker whose art and expertise make CANAL+'s engaging content impressively accessible.


Social Media for HUAWEI

Not only do we produce an average of 1.5 projects per day for HUAWEI, we also continuously optimize our social media strategy through new formats, the creation of innovative designs, and the evaluation of previous, data-based performances - all in order to offer the HUAWEI community content on social networks that excites them.

If you can dream it, you can stream it

If you can dream it, you can stream it

Streaming and elaborate online formats are the most exciting digital products of this time: With DWS Investment we developed and designed the newly created streaming and content platform DWS+. From the UX concept and design to the realization of 80 video formats and a live event for the Investment Conference 2021 (attendance rate 93%).

Forever Lasting Moments
Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Forever Lasting Moments

"Forever Lasting Moments" creates an awareness of the long-term effects of disposable plastics. We show iconographic, historical events and their duration – such as the UN Climate Conference 2016 with agreements that lasted only two years (in contrast to the plastic bottles used there).

Your day, your way

Your day, your way

HUAWEI macht die Gestaltung des eigenen digitalen Lifestyles ebenso einfach wie individuell: Sei es das Hören der Lieblingsmusik beim Joggen, das Streamen eines neuen Films in der U-Bahn oder die Organisation des Tages. Es ist: "Your day, your way."


Own it

Parenting isn’t easy, and when it comes down to motherhood there’s not such a thing as being the “perfect” mother. Specially when they are new to this experience, it is hard for them to relay on unsolicited advice or following unrealistic depictions of perfect motherhood on social media. With the spirit C&A’s brand philosophy “Feel Good Fashion”, we created an honest and emotional campaign that motivates new moms to feel as comfortable and proud of who they are, even if their parenting style isn’t perfect.

BMW i Motorsport

BMW Webspecial

In the sixth season of Formula E, a unique online experience was created under the motto "BMW i MOTORSPORT URBAN RACING". With a focus on the racetainment character on the landing page, the user himself becomes the driver of the BMW iFE.20. Three specially produced songs create an urban vibe. Communication was played 100% digitally.

Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Hamburg – the clean city!

According to the littering problem the Stadtreinigung Hamburg (waste management) launched a major city cleaning campaign. Therefore we developed the 360° campaign "Hamburg – the clean city" making a well-kept city a matter of heart for all Hanseatic citizens. On posters, in advertisements and social media, our ambassadors showed the commitment to cleanliness and recycling. Over 12,000 people have signed the cleanliness agreement in support on the campaign website. Furthermore, a special shopping guide and Zero Waste Map help to avoid waste every day.

BMW i Motorsport

The Race

In the fifth season of the Formula E Championship, we developed another communicative highlight for BMW i Motorsport. An online film about the new BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car: Bruno Correia and BMW yachting legend Pierre Casiraghi racing in Monaco. The stunt was documented through a social media campaign, a behind-the-scenes documentary, an interview series, and interactive content on the website.

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